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those who don't stamp me into slytherin will also go to hell


1. Why are you applying?
Why aren't YOU applying? Did you know that people who don't apply to this community all go to hell?

2. Why do you feel you will be a good member for this community, and what do you plan to do to remain active?
Because my parents are hippies and encourage me to smoke pot. I'M TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL.

3. What are your views on candied apples?
Good to smoke, ey? hahaha.

4. Would you prefer to be reincarnated as a moth or a mushroom?
a moth - I could fly and I'd have pretty wings, not as pretty as a butterfly, but still pretty

5. Why shouldn't we reject you?
my LJ name is the best you have ever seen or heard of...and face it, you can't live without me.
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