H (lilium_convalli) wrote in everyone_fails,


1. Why are you applying?
i was looking for a particular flame on the "wtf" community, and i found this one instead. wtf indeed, but i am immensely delighted. this project is certainly worthwhile to the benefit of the global community.

2. Why do you feel you will be a good member for this community, and what do you plan to do to remain active?
i am trying desperately to flunk out of college, and this is the perfect distraction. i have gotten bored with knitting, although i still waste time on that.

3. What are your views on candied apples?
i had one for the first time two weeks ago. i had to stop and pray, because the combination of human made sweetness and god's sweet fruit was a blessing beyond compare. i grew so excited that i ran like a fawn down the gravel path to my room.

4. Would you prefer to be reincarnated as a moth or a mushroom?
i had a pet who was a dead moth, named matilda. i found her under my roommate's chair. we were the best of friends until i found matilda dismembered with only half a wing. i still would prefer to be like matilda, who suffered two deaths (and had my friendship) than the mushrooms i gleefully devour at dinner.

that's matilda after her first death, before the ants found her.

5. Why shouldn't we reject you?
that is a ridiculous question. the point is rejection, is it not? no, i understand the profound joy you will be filled with when i allow you to reject me. i turn my other cheek to you for more rejection. now. please. now.
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