liam (unearthingbone) wrote in everyone_fails,

1. Why are you applying? i Am Apllying Because i Feel Liek i Am elite. also becausert i Have realy eautiful long hare tha u all shoud be jealos of

2. Why do you feel you will be a good member for this community, and what do you plan to do to remain active? i git lots of effs in skewl? o an i will contunue 2 get lots of eff's in skewl hehe im rely good at doin that

3. What are your views on candied apples? idk wut a candid apple is

</b>4. Would you prefer to be reincarnated as a moth or a mushroom? omg a mushroom so i could smoke myself

5. Why shouldn't we reject you? cause my boy friend will kill u if u do, he loves me, so muc
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