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Accept me! Please!

1. Why are you applying?
1m appl1ng 2 pruv i cun speel. And if you don't like mah spelling, you can just reject yourself! Ha! I wanna prove my worth by being accepted!

2. Why do you feel you will be a good member for this community, and what do you plan to do to remain active?
I will sit on my ass and drink beer 24/7! How's THAT for a pot of fried gold?! And I'll give beers to whoever accepts me! And a cigar, too! From Cuba!

3. What are your views on candied apples?
Candied apples like me. They stick on me and never let go until I wrestle them off in the shower. I think they wanna be my bestest friends evar.

4. Would you prefer to be reincarnated as a moth or a mushroom?
A moth. Then I could flap around and release my magic mother dust to make everyone who rejects me go bald!

5. Why shouldn't we reject you?
Because you know I'm cute and adorable. And I give FREE BEER AND CIGARS to people who accept me. You can't say no to it!
Also, I'm hawt, which is all that matters these days! See my 36TUVWXYZ bra?! AH AM HAWT! And my hair is fake! It's PUOREDUE! Purple-orange-red-blue! BEAT THAT! YOU CAN'T!
And I'm related to JK ROWLING! I'm RICH AND CAN PAY YOU!
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