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*insert lame pensiveee joke here*


1. Why are you applying?
Because I think I would make an awesome member of
this community. I am a very funny person to be around and I am ALWAYS ON! I also like to type in
SHIFT-KEY CAPS, and you KNOW that
people who write like that are awesome.
I am also applying because I am bored and
I have nothing better to do, and because there is NO ONE online
and NO ONE wants to
talk to
me!!!! So I figured why not apply here where we can have intelligent conversations about REJECTING EVERYONE and other
cool things. And
I also think it would be REALLY COOL to REJECT everyone
else!!!! Who0t!!! Oh yeah, and because I
LOVE THE PUFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Why do you feel you will be a good member for this community,
and what do you plan to do to remain active?

I would be a good member because I am an AWESOME person! I am
ALWAYS active unless
I have something more important to do so you will NEVER
have to worry about me NOT BEING HERE!!! I would
also be a good member because everyone loves me and knows me and thinks I am THE GREATEST! I will stay active by
looking in on this community at least 1247893217890321978
times a day. I will also go to the track and work out three
times a week
and I PROMISE to tell EVERYONE about how fast I run a mile! Because I
KNOW you all want to know!

3. What are your views on candied apples?
I HATE them!!! They get stuck in my braces and then people
LAUGH at me because I look funny. And I
HATE it when people laugh
at me!!! But I do like to eat them because they taste yummy. And now I am hungry so I am going to go and eat them but don't you
about lauging at me!! Besides, wouldn't the candy taste better on
something that is more awesome
like LITTLE CHILDREN or something becaus I am SOOO EBIL!!!!!!

4. Would you prefer to be reincarnated as a moth or a mushroom?
Neither! I don't believe in reincarnation and I think
that you are
INSULTING me by asking me what I'm going to be reincarnated about when
I don't even
BELIEVE in reincarnation! But...when I go to heaven I would rather
be there as a muchroom more than a moth. Moths are
STUPID because they are attracted to bring lights and
there is NO way that I EVER
want to be attra....ooooo shiny.

5. Why shouldn't we reject you?
Because I spent 213098321890321890321890 hours on
this application and I didn't push my answers
any specific
way. I am an AMAZING person and you KNOW you all
LUUUURVE ME! And if you reject me I will type horribly MEAN and RUDE things about
you in my journal and YOU will ALL be SO
EVERY REJECTED ME!!! Also I type in SHIFT-KEY CAPS and you
KNOW you love people
that write like that!!

Also: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, lol, lol, lol,
lol, OmFg I TyP3 LyK DiS Yo!!!!!!11!!!1eleventyone

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